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It wasn’t long after in 2008 that the Patrone’s began searching for the location of their next restaurant adventure. They found a 130+ year old building and began renovations in December 2008. The Patronies Pizza story begins when the Patrone’s moved to Apex, NC in 1996. It was there in Apex that they decided to embark on their next adventure. In the winter of 1999, the Patrone family decided to open up Patronies Pizza in Apex, the same winter that Apex saw 24 inches of snow overnight closing schools for two weeks.

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With all the restaurants closed and the power and the utility companies working around the clock Patronies Pizza was there making Pizzas by candle light and gas fired ovens. From then on Patronies became seeded in the community. Longing to once again live on the coast, the Patrone Family sold the business and moved to Holden Beach, NC in the Spring of 2007. They worked on getting the building up to par for months until opening day in August 2009. Due to the awesome popularity of Patronies, in 2011 the restaurant was expanded to double the dining space and double the parking space. As 2015 rolled around, Patronies expanded again to increase kitchen and storage space to keep up with demand. With 2017 brought a movie production called “8 Slices” and Patronies made it onto the big screen. See you in Hollywood?!! 2020 was the definition of a roller coaster year and Patronies rode the ride and served pizzas any way we could, including handing orders out our side window! A social distance hand-off. Coming soon in 2022, our Wake Forest, NC location. We hope you enjoy your visit and as always, we look forward to seeing you again soon!

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