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We realize you live busy lives, as we do too, so we will keep it brief. We want to keep in touch with you by sending just a few emails each year. We would like to share with you some happenings at the shop from time-to-time, especially in December for a “Year in Review”. Trust me, we don’t have the manpower or the desire to send a bazillion emails. Just maybe a few throughout the year. We appreciate your loyal patronage and would love to keep in touch. If we figure out how to send pizza through email, you will be the first to get one!

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Patronies Pizza
131 Crenshaw Corner Dr
Wake Forest, NC 27587

Wake Forest

(919) xxx-xxxx

Patronies Pizza
2625 Holden Beach Rd
Supply, NC 28462

Holden Beach

(910) 842-7900

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